Biografie von John F. FRANCIS (1808-1886)

Birth place: Philadelphia, PA

Death place: Jeffersonville, PA

Profession: Still-life painter, portraitist, silhouettist

Studied: probably self-taught

Exhibited: Art Union, Phila.; Artist's Fund Soc., PAFA, 1840-44; PAFA ann., 1855-58

Work: Newark (NJ) Mus.; Shelburne (VT) Mus.; NMAA

Comments: Considered one of the most important American still life painters of the 19th century, Francis is best known for his delicately colored, painterly works that typically feature luncheon feasts and tables laden with desserts, fruits, crystal, and silver. He began his career in Philadelphia, exhibiting from 1840 to the mid 1850s as a portraitist. He turned almost exclusively to still life after this, and in 1858 showed several for the first time at PAFA, including one work with the alluring title, "Champagne Lunch and Tropical Fruit." Until about 1865, he painted in many Pennsylvania towns ó Pottstown, Harrisburg, Lewisburg, Bellefonte, Pottsville, Sunbury, Northumberland, and Milton, as well as in Delaware, Wash. (DC), and Nashville (TN). His last 20 years were spent painting in Jeffersonville, PA. Although highly regarded by 20th-century art historians, Francis did not receive much attention in his own lifetime.

Sources: G&W; Frankenstein, J. F. Francis," list of portraits and 9 repros.; Frankenstein, After the Hunt, 32, 135-137, plates 106, 111; Rutledge, PA; Phila. BD 1850; Karolik Cat.; Richardson, American Romantic Painting; Washington Art Assoc. Cat., 1857. More recently, see Baigell, Dictionary; Gerdts and Burke American Still Life Painting; For Beauty and for Truth, 52 (w/repro.); 300 Years of American Art, vol. 1, 143"

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