Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS (act.1979)

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Every Friday fortnight Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week, the ten best auction results for works by Contemporary Swiss artists.

The « new Swiss artistic scene » started to appear in museums and the major auction houses towards the end of 1990s.Switzerland has been the breeding ground of major contemporary artists like Jean TINGUELY, BEN, Niele TORONI and Felice VARINI. Collectively these artists experimented with new materials, produced interesting results from mixing art with life (and vice-versa), and generally broadened our fields of perception. Since then, other artists have caught our attention by using video and creating protean and uninhibited installations.

This year the month of June is offering art collectors and dealers an extremely busy schedule of artistic gatherings across Europe. The key events are the Venice Biennale, and the Basel Art Fair.The 51st Venice Biennale will open to professionals on 9 June and to the public on 12 June. In 2003, the 50th edition of this magnificent exhibition of contemporary art attracted more than 260,000 visitors.

Since it reformed its auctioneers, France has increased its share of the auction market from 7% of worldwide turnover in 2001, to 8.6% in 2002. Yet growth in the wider sector has done little for the contemporary art market. France only generated 4.5% of the proceeds from contemporary artworks in 2002.

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