Biografie von Shirley RUSSELL (1886-1985)

Birth place: Del Rey, CA

Death place: Honolulu, HI

Addresses: Honolulu, HI

Profession: Painter, teacher, etcher, blockprinter, designer

Studied: Stanford Univ. (A.B., 1907, in art and modern languages); Calif. Sch. FA; Calif. Col. A. & Cr.; Académie Julian, Paris, 1937-38; Andre Lhote in Paris after WWII; Univ. Hawaii; also with Lionel Walden, Millard Sheets, Hans Hofmann, Rico Le Brum, Serisawa, and Norman Ives.

Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1927; LACMA, 1937; Oakland Art Gal., 1943-45; CPLH, 1946; Honolulu Exhib., annually, 1925-; Honolulu Acad. Arts (solo), 1932 (prize), 1935 (prize), 1938 (prize), 1944 (prize), 1945 (prize); Matsonia Tour, 1963-65; Mexico-Hawaiian Exchange Exhib., 1968; Downtown Gal., Honolulu, HI, 1970s. Awards: Grand Prize for Paukahana, 1933 & first prize for still life, 1946; Grand Prize for US Mail, Territorial Fair, Honolulu, 1953.

Member: Assn. Honolulu Artists (secy., 1939-41); Honolulu SA; Lg. Am. Pen Women; P.& S. League Honolulu; Honolulu Acad. Art.

Work: Moana Hotel, Army Hospital, Monanaloa Gardens, Acad. Art, Supreme Court, all of Honolulu; Honolulu Acad. Art; State Found. Culture & Arts, Capitol Bldg., Honolulu; Tennant Art Found. Gal.; Castel & Cooke Art Coll.; Tokyo Nat. Mus. Art. Commissions: portraits, Leslie B. Hicks, Hawaiian Elec. Co., Honolulu ; & Chief Justice Perry & Kemp, Bar Assn. Honolulu.

Comments: Russell first visited Hawaii in 1921. She taught for many years, including prominent Hawaiian modernists, Keichi Kimura and Satoru Abe (see entries). Preferred media: oils. Teaching: Calif. Schools, 1908-18; Univ. Hawaii, summers 1930-39; McKinley H.S., Honolulu, 1923-46; Honolulu Acad. Art, 1954-55.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Meg Torbet & Kenneth Kimgrey, "Art in Hawaii," Design Quarterly (Walker Art Center, 1960); Forbes, Encounters with Paradise, 210, 245-46.

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