Biografie von Arnold BURCHESS (1912-1992)

Birth place: Chicago, IL

Addresses: South Harpswell, ME

Profession: Painter, sculptor

Studied: City Col. New York, BSS; and with George W. Eggers & Robert Garrison.

Exhibited: Butler Art Inst., 1955; Am. WC Soc., New York, 1955-; Birmingham Mus. Art, Ala., 1955 (watercolor prize); Van Dimant Gallery, Southampton, NY, 1957 (solo); MoMA, 1959; Salons of Am.; Aries East Art Gallery, East Brewster, MA, 1970s

Member: Am. WC Soc., Audubon Artists.

Work: Commissions: Three bas reliefs (with Robert Garrison), Radio City Music Hall NYC, 1935.

Comments: Preferred media: watercolor, bronze. Teaching: lects., Shape in Clay, MMA, 1939; prof. & chmn. dept. fine art, Fashion Inst. Technl., New York, 1959-.

Sources: WW73; Article in La Rev Mod (1956); Arnold Burchess--watercolorist," Am Artist Mag (1959); Norman Kent, "100 watercolor techniques" (Watson-Guptill, 1970)."

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