Biografie von Maurits Frederik H. DE HAAS (1832-1895)

Birth place: Rotterdam, Holland

Death place: NYC

Addresses: Came to U.S. in 1859, settled in NYC

Profession: Marine painter

Studied: Rotterdam and The Hague, before 1859

Exhibited: Boston Athenaeum; NAD, 1861-96; Maryland Hist. Soc.; Brooklyn AA, frequently, 1861-91; Boston AC, 1881-94; PAFA, , 1883, 1888; AIC, 1889, 1891, 1894-95.

Member: NA

Comments: Served as artist to the Dutch Navy before coming to NYC in 1859. He painted a number of naval scenes for Admiral Farragut during the Civil War and later became best known for his coastal scenes. William Frederick De Haas (see entry) was his brother. Sometimes appears as Frederick De Haas, or Haas, Mauritz Frederik Hendrik de.

Sources: G&W; Clement and Hutton; Thieme-Becker; Naylor, NAD (under Haas); Swan, BA; Rutledge, MHS; Benjamin, Fifty Years of American Art," 678, repro.; Antiques (June 1944), 286, repro; Falk, Exhibition Record Series "

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