Biografie von Aldro Thompson HIBBARD (1886-1972)

Birth place: Falmouth, MA

Addresses: Belmont, Rockport, Boston, MA

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: Mass. Normal A. Sch. and BMFA Sch. with E.L. Major, De Camp, Tarbell.

Exhibited: PAFA, 1917-39 (prize, 1923); Corcoran Gal., 1919-41 (11 times); AIC, 1921 (prize), 1926-32; NAD, annually, 1922 (prize), 1928 (prize), 1931 (prize); Duxbury, 1920 (prize); North Shore AA 1930 (prize), 1956, 1960, 1963, 1964; Springfield AL, 1931 (prize); New Haven PCC, 1933 (prize), 1941 (prize); Palm Beach A. Center, 1936; CAFA, 1937 (prize); Jordan Marsh Co., Boston, 1938 (prize); GGE, 1939 (prize); IBM, 1940 (prize); Rockport AA, 1942, 1948, 1954, 1957, 1960; All. A. Am., 1943 (prize), 1946 (prize); SC, 1944 (prize); Academic A. (Springfield), 1953, 1961, 1962, 1964; Ogunquit A. Center, 1960; Am. Abrasive Co., 1961; Chelburne Falls, Mass., 1960; Hudson Valley AA, 1964 (gold med.)

Member: NA, 1933; Gld. Boston A.; North Shore AA; Rockport AA; SC; All. A. Am.; 50 Am. Artists; Audubon A.; CAFA; New Haven PCC.; AAPL; Copley Soc., Boston; So. Vermont A.; Academic A., Springfield.

Work: MMA; BMFA; Portland Mus. A.; AGAA; Currier Gal. A.; Rochester Atheneum; San Diego FA Soc.; IBM; Phillips Acad., Exeter; Chandler Sch. for Women; Roosevelt H.S. Phila.; Newton (Mass.) H.S.; Milton Acad.; Northampton Schl. for Girls; Vermont Acad.

Comments: With Hornby and Thieme, he was an important founding member of the Rockport Colony. He was also a professional baseball player, perhaps the only artist to claim this distinction. He taught summer classes at his studio at Bearskin Neck, 1920-50. He painted at Fenway Studios, Boston, 1927-29 and later had a studio in E. Jamaica, Vt., gaining admiration for his winter landscapes. Also painted on Monhegan Island (Me.) Today, the Rockport AA is housed in his old studio. Positions: bd. mngrs., Gld Boston A.; bd. mngrs., North Shore AA, Rockport AA.

Sources: WW66; WW47; Curtis, Curtis, and Lieberman, 61, 183; Vose Galleries, Mary Bradish Titcomb and Her Contemporaries, 44 ; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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