Biografie von Dennison KIMBERLY (1814-1863)

Birth place: Guilford, CT

Profession: Engraver and portrait painter

Studied: engraving under Asaph Willard of Hartford (prior to 1840's); painting in Boston (1858)

Comments: Worked chiefly in Boston during the 1840's (as engraver). Abandoned engraving for painting in 1858 and in 1862 opened studios in Hartford and Manchester (Conn.). He died the following year.

Sources: G&W; French, Art and Artists in Connecticut, 88; Stauffer; Grolier Club, The United States Navy, 1776 to 1815, 39; Boston CD 1841-50; BD 1842-49; Swan, BA; Bolton, Crayon Draftsmen; Thieme-Becker; Fielding.

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