Biografie von Antonio JACOBSEN (1850-1921)

Birth place: Copenhagen, Denmark

Death place: West Hoboken, NJ

Addresses: West Hoboken, NJ, 1880-on

Profession: Marine painter

Studied: Royal Acad., Copenhagen.

Work: represented in every large marine art collection in the U.S. & Europe; the largest collection (250) being at Mariner's Mus., Newport News, VA; Peabody Mus., Salem, MA; Mystic Seaport Mus.; New York Hist. Soc.; Fall River Marine Mus.; Louisiana State Mus.; Shelburne (VT) Mus.

Comments: In order to avoid being drafted into the Franco-Prussian War, he came to NYC in 1871 and found a job decorating the doors of safes. At the same time, he began painting portraits of the vessels of the Old Dominion Steamship Line, and soon became America's most prolific marine artist. He painted about 6,000 portraits of steamships that came into NYC harbor between 1876-1919 (over 3,000 listed in catalogue raisonne, Smith Gal., NYC 1984). In his later life, his daughter, Helen, helped paint the sky and water of his pictures. His son Carl even painted some of his own ship portraits. Signature note: From 1875-79, he typically signed as "Antonio Jacobsen," and the address (and sometimes the date) appeared beneath the signature, as "257 8 Av." or "257 8 Av. cor. 23 ST" From 1879-c.94, the address appears as "705 Palisade Av. West Hoboken, NJ" From 1894-1919, the address was "30 Palisade Av. West Hoboken, NJ." From 1880-1905, he usually abbreviated his signature to "A. Jacobsen." From c.1905-on, he usually signed in block letters.

Sources: Muller, Paintings and Drawings at the Shelburne Museum, 83 (w/repro.); Brewington, 206

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