Biografie von Shannon STIRNWEISS (1931)

Birth place: Portland, OR

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Illustrator, painter

Studied: Univ. Oregon; Art Center School, Los Angeles, with R. Brown, J. LaGatta, J. Henninger, Pruett Carter

Work: U.S. Air Force; U.S. Army Hist. Mus.; Dept. of the Interior; Calif. Fed. Savings Collection.

Comments: Positions: illustrator, U.S. Army, in Europe. Special assignments for various U.S. government agencies to the Berlin Wall, the Everglades, Arizona and Alaska. Illustrator: Sportsman's Magazine, Field and Stream, and many other magazines, as well as for book publishers, movie posters and advertising campaigns. In later years he concentrated on painting historical scenes of the Old West.

Sources: W & R Reed, The Illustrator in America, 306.

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