Biografie von Richard Hovenden KERN (1821-1853)

Birth place: Philadelphia

Death place: near Sevier Lake, UT

Profession: Landscape & figurative artist in pencil & watercolor, drawing teacher

Exhibited: Artists Fund Soc., Phila. (1840-41)

Member: Acad. Natural Sciences, Phila.

Work: Amon Carter Mus., Fort Worth (TX); Henry E. Huntington Lib. & Art Gal., San Marino, CA; Lib., Acad. of Natural Sciences, Phila.

Comments: During the mid 1840s Kern was teaching drawing in Philadelphia. In 1848-49, along with his brothers Benjamin and Edward (see entries), he served as topographical draftsmen with FrÈmont's fourth expedition to the Southwest, during which Benjamin lost his life. In August and September 1849 Richard and Edward accompanied Simpson's expedition into Navajo country and the resulting report included plates from Richard's paintings of the Anasazi cliff dwellings, views of Chaco Canyon and the Acoma mesa, and the Jemez and Sandia Pueblos. In 1851, while with Sitgreaves' expedition down the Zu-i and Colorado Rivers, he recorded the Indian Buffalo or Tablita Dance. He was in Washington, DC in January 1853, but by May had joined Gunnison's exploration of a route for the Pacific Railroad. On October 26, 1853, he and several other members of the party were killed by Paiute Indians near Sevier Lake.

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