Tatiana TROUVÉ (1968)

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In the Frieze versus FIAC competition, the combined effect of the Art Market’s temporary slowdown and Brexit-related uncertainty has refocused some of the limelight onto the French capital. Last year, the FIAC drew a little more than 70,000 visitors while London’s Frieze Art Fair attracted roughly a 100,000. The FIAC’s visitor figures this year will […]

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The art market news this autumn 2016 is dominated by sales of collections. These include works acquired by David Bowie, the presidential couple Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Daniel and Eliane Brollo and Prince Yusupov. There will also be a series of five sales to disperse the works of French film director and producer Claude Berri […]

This year, among the 59 artists in the official selection, 37 have already seen at least one of their works offered at auction. This marks a profound change with earlier editions.

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Für Tatiana TROUVÉ (1968) (Italien), das älteste registrierte Auktionsergebnis ist ein(e) zeichnung aquarell verkauft im Jahr 2007 bei Cornette de Saint-Cyr (S.V.V.); das neueste ist ein(e) skulptur volumen, verkauft im Jahr 2020. Die Analysen und Grafiken erstellten von Artprice.com basieren auf 47 Versteigerungen. Insbesondere: skulptur volumen, zeichnung aquarell, druckgrafik-multiple, gemälde, lampen.
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