Biografie von Joseph BINDER (1898-1972)

Birth place: Vienna, Austria

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Designer, lecturer

Studied: States Sch. App. A. & Crafts, Vienna.

Exhibited: State prize of Austria, 1926; AIC, 1933; Austrian Mus., Vienna, 1935. Franklin Inst., 1937; A. Dir. Cl., 1939 (med), 1943 (prize),1944 (med); WFNY, 1939 (prize); MOMA, 1941 (prize); MOMA Traveling Exh., 1946

Member: A. Dir. Cl.; SI

Work: BMFA; MMA; MOMA; Austrian Mus., Vienna; Franklin Inst., Phila., Pa.; American Airlines; U.S. Navy; Am. Red Cross Fund; E.R. Squibb & Co.

Comments: Made many portraits of prominent persons. Author: Color in Advertising. Contributor to art magazines in U.S. and abroad.

Sources: WW59; WW47

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