Biografie von Moses B. RUSSELL (c.1810-1884)

Birth place: New Hampshire or Massachusetts

Addresses: Boston, 1834 to 1853; NYC, 1856-60; Philadelphia, 1860; Boston, thereafter

Profession: Portrait, miniature, and figure painter

Exhibited: Boston Athenaeum; American Institute, NYC

Work: Worcester (Mass.) Art Mus.; Frick Art Ref. Lib., NYC (sketchbooks)

Comments: Traveled to Italy in 1853. His wife, Clarissa Russell (see entry), was also a miniaturist; and their son, Albert Cuyp Russell (see entry), became an engraver and illustrator.

Sources: G&W; Swan, BA; 7 Census (1850), Mass., XXV, 646 (gives birthplace as New Hampshire); 8 Census (1860), Pa., LIV, 266 (gives birthplace as Massachusetts); Boston BD 1841-50; NYBD 1856-59; Am. Inst. Cat., 1856; Bolton, Miniature Painters; Jackson, Ancestors in Silhouette, 222; Lipman and Winchester [as N.B. Russell]. More recently, see Strickler, American Portrait Miniatures, 102-03 (w/repro.)

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