Biografie von Dorothy Visju ANDERSON (1874-1960)

Birth place: Oslo, Norway

Death place: Los Angeles, CA

Addresses: Hollywood, CA

Profession: Painter, teacher, sculptor, writer

Studied: AIC; with William M. Chase.

Exhibited: Salon d'Automne, Paris; AIC; San Diego FA Soc.; Tilton Sch., Chicago; LACMA (med., 1937); S.Indp.A.; and abroad. Awards: prize, Springfield, Ill.

Member: Cal. AC; San Diego FA Soc.; Los Angeles AA; Beverly Hills AA (pres. and founder)

Work: Vanderpoel Coll.; Hollywood Women's Club; Elks Club, Los Angeles

Comments: Among many portraits are those of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt; Countess du Nord, Paris, France; Lt. Col. Percy, Chicago; Alice Calhoun, Bel-Air, Cal.; Prof. and Mrs. Olav Halvorson; Countess Nicolas Nierotti; and others. Author and illus., Norse Fairy Tales," 1958. She maintained an art school in Hollywood.

Sources: WW59; WW47. More recently, see Hughes, Artists of California, 19."

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