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The Indian art market [29.01.2019]

Despite Christie’s suspension of sales in Mumbai, the Indian Art Market is still dynamic with strong domestic demand and the India Art Fair, whose 11th edition opens this week in Delhi, is taking lots of new initiatives. Remarkable domestic growth The Indian Art Market has posted strong growth in recent months. Its 2018 annual auction […]

New York’s Asia Week catalogues suggest upward price trends [11.03.2014]

Ten days after the 16th edition of the Armory Show with its special focus on China, it is now the turn of the major auction houses to address the Asian art market in New York. Asia Week is an annual event and its catalogues include art and artefacts from all over Asia including Japan, Korea, India and South Asia. The week begins on 18 March 2014.

Flash News [11.07.2013]

Every fortnight, Artprice provides a short round up of art market news.

Indian Contemporary Artists under 40 [01.03.2013]

Friday is tops! Every other Friday, Artprice offers you the bid ranking for each category. This week: the ten highest bids for Indian artists under 40.

Contemporary Indian art [22.11.2011]

Long considered as just one of the emerging movements in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Indian Contemporary art has managed to carve out a distinct place in the global art market with its own independent identity.

All eyes on the autumn sales [05.10.2009]

The first September sales have produced lacklustre results. In a climate of serious prudency – with no room for over-bidding or risk-taking – only the safest bet on the contemporary market (Andy Warhol) has lived up to expectations. However, one exception to the market’s general gloom has been the thirty year-old Indian artist Jitish Kallah.

Indian contemporary art : the podium [14.09.2009]

In the 1990s there was virtually no secondary art market in India. Between 2000 and 2008, the price index of Contemporary Art multiplied by seven!While Anish KAPOOR and Subodh GUPTA are among the world’s fifteen top-selling Contemporary artists with auction revenues of €11.2m and €10.7m respectively, the third top-selling Indian artist, TV SANTOSH, had a revenue total only one tenth of his peers’ (€1.2m).

India, the new Himalaya of the market? [15.09.2008]

Behind China, the other significant emerging force on the international art market is India. In the mid 1990s, India’s strong economic growth produced a new generation of patrons and sponsors willing to invest in the art of their fellow-countrymen. Today, the demand is global and fast-growing, substantially fuelled by the speculative incentive to earn attractive gains on quick turnarounds. The works produced by the new stars of Indian art are exchanged in auction houses in Hong-Kong and Dubai, London and New-York, New Delhi and Paris. After China, India looks like a new Eldorado for collectors / buyers attracted to the speculative potential.

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