Jennifer ALLORA & Guillermo CALZADILLA (XX-XXI)

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The 8th Contemporary Art Biennial in Lyon is open to the public from 14 September to 31 December 2005. Entitled « Expérience de la Durée », this year’s event exhibits the work of 61 artists and includes 25 pieces commissioned by the organisers. This collection will essentially be displayed at 5 different locations: La Sucrière, the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Institute of Conteporary Art at Villeurbanne, le Rectangle and fort Saint-Jean.

Neben diesem(dieser) Künstler(in) ("Jennifer ALLORA & Guillermo CALZADILLA") haben unsere Kunden auch die folgenden Künstler gesucht: Jennifer ALLORA - Guillermo CALZADILLA - Yayoi KUSAMA - Günther FÖRG - Sean SCULLY - Cyprien GAILLARD - Chris OFILI - Lucy SKAER - GUAN Wei - Dawoud BEY - John MAWURNDJUL