Biografie von Thomas MOORE (1821-1887)

Birth place: England

Addresses: Boston, active 1835-40

Profession: Lithographer shop owner; bookkeeper

Work: Boston Athenaeum (examples of the firm's work)

Comments: Successor to Pendleton's shop in Boston (see William S. Pendleton). Began as a bookkeeper in Pendleton's shop before1835; in August 1836 William Pendleton announced that his business had been disposed to Thomas Moore. The firm operated under the name of T. Moore Lithography, employing such artists as Fitz Hugh Lane, William Rimmer, George Loring Brown, Dr. William Hunt, and Benjamin Nutting (see entries). It is believed that Moore may have moved to NYC after selling his shop to B.W. Thayer (see entry) in 1840.

Sources: G&W; Peters, America on Stone. More recently, see Pierce and Slautterback, 144.

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