Biografie von Jacob Bailey MOORE (1815-1893)

Birth place: Candia, NH

Death place: Manchester, NH

Addresses: Manchester, NH

Profession: Portrait painter

Work: Manchester (NH) Hist. Assoc., Fitts Mus., Candia, NH; Griffin Mus., Auburn, NH

Comments: Moore left home at 15 and worked for a number of years, chiefly as a clerk, in Lowell, Boston, and Lynn (MA). By 1846, he had returned to New Hampshire, settling in Manchester where he worked as an artist, journalist, and phrenologist until his death. His major occupation after 1860 was as a newspaper editor. Auth.: History of Candia (Manchester, 1893, contains an autobiographical sketch). Cf.Jacob B. Mooers.

Sources: G&W; Spinney, J. Bailey Moore"; Manchester BD 1856 and after."

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