Biografie von Remo Michael FARRUGGIO (1904-1981)

Birth place: Palermo, Italy

Death place: Provincetown, MA

Addresses: New York, NY/Provincetown, MA

Profession: Painter

Studied: NAD, 1920-23; Beaux-Arts Inst., 1922-26; Educational Alliance; Indust. Art School; A. Bogdanov, 1926-29, all in NYC.

Exhibited: Federal Art Gallery, NYC, 1936; Blues and Other Paintings," Julien Levy Gal, NYC, 1939 (solo); Detroit Inst. Art, 1944 (prize), 1949 ; Virginia Mus. Fine Arts, Richmond, 1940; The Arts Cooperative, Detroit, Mich., 1944 (solo); Salpeter Gal., 1948-49 (solos); WMAA, 1948, 1950; Roko Gal., NYC, 1949, 1953, 1955 (solos); John Heller, 1950s (solos); MMA, "American Painting Today," 1950 and "Prints, Drawings and Watercolors," 1952; PAFA, 1950, 1953, 1960; Galeria Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, 1952 (solo); Portland (OR) Mus. Art, 1954 (solo); Butler Inst. Am. Art, 1956 (prize); Brooklyn Mus., 1955; NAD, 1956, 1963, 1978; Corcoran Gal, 1957; Feingarten Gal., NYC, 1962 (solo); Norfolk (VA) Mus., 1965; Provincetown AA annuals, 1961-80, 1983 (retrospective); East End Gal., Provincetown, 1964-66 (solos); Summit Gal., NY, 1976-77 (solos); and many other solo and groups shows. Exhibited frequently in Europe: Galeria Schneider, Rome, 1957 (solo); Gal. Nuovo Sagittario, Milan, Italy, 1973-77 (solos); Gal. Il Fondaco, Messina, Italy, 1975 (solo); Gal. Pro Arte Kasper, Morges Switzerland, 1975 (solo); Gal. d'Arte Il Papiro, Siracusa, Sicily, 1976 (first prize). Awards: "The Critics' Award in All of Italy," 1975 (gold). "

Member: Artists Equity Assn.; Nat. Acad. of Literature & Arts; Provincetown AA

Work: Metrop. Mus. Art; Portland (OR) Art Mus; Butler Inst. Am. Art, Ohio; Saint Paul (MN) Mus. Art; Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Dallas (TX) Mus. Fine Arts; Nat. Mus. African Art; NMAA; Univ. Oregon; Southern Illinois Univ.; also in private collections, U.S. and abroad.

Comments: Came to the US in 1918 and became a citizen in 1924. In 1936-39 he was a WPA/FAP painter and was one of only two WPA artists given a solo show (Julien Levy Gal., NYC, 1939), for which he received critical praise. He taught at the Federation of Artists School in Detroit, 1942-44; Portland (OR) Art Mus. Sch., 1954-55; and privately. His style ranged from representational to semi-abstract to surreal to non-objective. He split his time between studios in New York and Provincetown where he was close friends with Motherwell, the Soyers, Chaim Gross, and many other artists. Traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Italy and was highly respected in Italy where he exhibited frequently in the 1950s and 1970s. Note: Some sources have incorrectly given 1906 as birthyear.

Sources: WW73; PHF files; New York City WPA Art, 29 (w/repros.); Remo Farruggio, An Autobiographical Reminiscence," n.p., New Deal Research Project, March 1968, recorded in the NMAA's art curatorial files; Falk, Exh. Record Series; add'l info. courtesy artist's sister-in-law, Leonora Brunner, NY "

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