Biografie von Willard Franklin MIDGETTE (1937-1978)

Birth place: Baltimore, MD

Addresses: Brooklyn, NY

Profession: Painter

Studied: Skowhegan Sch. P&S with J. Levine & Shahn, 1953-56 & 1959; Boston Univ. Sch. Fine & Applied Art with David Aronson, 1956-58; Harvard Col. (A.B., 1958); Pratt Graphic AC with Walter Rogalski, 1959-60; Indiana Univ. (M.F.A., 1962) with James McGarrell.

Exhibited: Northwest Int., SAM, 1968; Fountain Gal., Portland, 1970 (solo); "Clean Well Lighted Place," Austin, TX, 1971 (solo) & Allan Franklin Gal., New York & Chicago, 1971; "Sharp Focus Realism," Sidney Janis Gal., New York, 1972; Allan Frumkin Gal., NYC, 1970s. Awards: Reed-Rockefeller faculty grant, 1969; Roswell Mus. residence grant, 1969-71.

Work: Reed College, Portland, OR; Mt. Hood Community College, Portland; Roswell (NM) Mus. & AC. Commissions: illusionistic mural, Donald B. Anderson, Roswell, 1969; illusionistic hallway, H.J. Szold, NYC, 1972; illusionistic portraits, Edward Elson, Atlanta, GA, 1972.

Comments: Preferred media: oils, acrylics. Publications: auth., "The Naked Truth, The Work of Philip Pearlstein," Art News, Nov., 1967. Teaching: Reed College, 1963-70; Univ. Wisc. & Univ. Illinois, Chicago Circle, 1971; Moore College Art & Louisiana State Univ., 1972; St. Ann's Episcopal Sch., Brooklyn, NY, 1972-.

Sources: WW73; David Rosand, "Portrait of the Artist."

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