Biografie von Norma Gloria MORGAN (1928)

Birth place: New Haven, CT

Addresses: NYC; England

Profession: Painter, engraver

Studied: ASL New York, NY, with Julian Levi; Hans Hofmann Sch Fine Art, New York; Atelier 1917, New York, with Stanley W Hayter.

Exhibited: Pachita Crespi Gallery, NYC, 1954; PMA, 1955 (prize); Internat'l Exh. of Graphic Arts, Yugoslavia, 1957; MOMA Internat'l Exh., Kassel, Germany, 1959; Art in American Magazine Show, 1959; Wash., DC WCC, 1959 (Bainbridge Prize); American Prints Today, 1959; Contemporary Graphic Arts, 1960; Art USA, 1961; Print Coun Am, New York, 1962; The Graven Image, London, Eng, 1962; Assn. of American Artists Galleries, 1962; Royal Soc. of WC Painters, 1962; US State Dept. Show, USSR, 1963; Nat'l Academy of Arts & Letters Show, 1963 (gold med); Am Artists Prof League, Smithsonian Inst, 1963 (Gold medal for graphics); Audubon Ann., 1964; Inst. of Graphics Arts, 1964; New York World's Fair, NY, 1965; BM, 1965; Keighley Mus., Yorkshire, England, 1965; Prints from 20 Nations, Yugoslavia, 1965; First World Festival of Negro Arts, Dakar, Senegal, 1966; Soc Am Graphic Artists, 1967; Painters & Sculptors Soc NJ 26th Ann, 1967 (gold medal for graphics); Composers, Authors & Artists Conv, 1969 (first prize, graphics); Lever House, NYC, 1969; Assoc Am Artists (two solo shows); Fairleigh-Dickinson Univ., 1970; Ball State Teachers Col.; WMAA, 1971. Awards: F., Whitney Fnd., 1951; John F. Lee Stacy Fnd. Grant, 1961; Tiffany Fnd. Grant, 1962; Academic Artists Prize, Springfield, MA; David Rose Award.

Member: Int Graphic Arts Soc; Print Coun Am; Soc Am Graphic Artists; Assoc Am Artists; Knickerbocker Artists.

Work: Du Sable Mus. of African-American History; Nat Gallery Art, Washington, DC; MOMA; BMFA;Montclair, NJ, Mus.; Victoria & Albert Mus, London, Leeds Mus., Keighley Mus., Yorkshire, all England; PMA; Pennell Collection, LOC; Walker Art Center; City Art Mus., St. Louis; Brooks Memorial Art Gallery; Howard Univ.; Whitney Fnd.; PAFA; Smithonian Inst.; Chase Manhattan Bank, NYc; Oakland Mus., CA. Commissions: Moor Lodge, engraving on copper, Assoc Am Artists, New York, 1954; Granite Tor, engraving on copper, Int Graphic Arts Soc, New York, 1955; Moorland Sanctuary, oil mural, Old White Lion Inn, Haworth, Eng, 1963; Carolina Paraquets, engraving on copper, Wildlife Int, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1969; Moorland Sanctuary, engraving on copper, Assoc Am. Artists, 1972.

Comments: Preferred media: acrylics, watercolor, engraving on copper. Publications: Auth-illusr, Engraving, The Artist, 9/1963, Imaginative Painting, 3/1964.

Sources: WW73; Janet Kalmine, Above the crowd, monogr (Travel in Fashion, 1958); Cederholm, Afro-American Artists.

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