Biografie von Bela Francis PETHEO (1934)

Birth place: Budapest, Hungary

Addresses: Collegeville, MN

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: Univ. Budapest (M.A., 1956); Acad. Fine Arts, Vienna, 1957-59, with A.P. Guetersloh; Univ. Vienna, 1958-69; Univ. Chicago, (M.F.A., 1963).

Exhibited: Hamline Univ., 1966; Coffman Gal., Univ. Minn, 1968; Moorhead State Col., 1969; Biennale Wis. Printmakers, 1971; Rochester Art Ctr., 1972. Awards: Belobende Anerkennung, Acad. Fine Arts, Vienna, 1958; graphic prize, Univ. Chicago, 1962.

Member: Col. Art Assn. Am.; Int. Platform Assn.

Work: Hungarian State Mus. Fine Arts, Budapest; Kunstmus., Basel, Switz.; Univ. Minn. Permanent Coll., Minneapolis; Carleton Col. Permanent Coll., Northfield, Minn. Commissions: Kindliche Untugenden (mural), Assn. Austrian Boy Scouts, Vienna, 1958; The History of Handwriting (exhib. panel), Noble & Noble Publ. for Hall of Educ., WFNY, 1964

Comments: Preferred media: oils, acrylics, graphics. Teaching: instr. art, Univ. Northern Iowa, 1964-66; assoc. prof. art & artist-in-residence, St John's Univ., 1966-. Publications: auth., "Rembrandt's Pupils in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest," Szabad Muveszet,June, 1956; auth., "Creativity Versus Convention: an Illustrator's Challenge," Rec., winter 1967; auth., "Polymer-coated Lithographic Transfer Paper," In: "Five Artists--Their Printmaking Methods," Artists Proof, 1968; auth., "The College Art Gallery," Art J., summer 1971

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