Biografie von Joseph (Victor), Jr. PETRO (1932)

Birth place: Lexington, KY

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: Transylvania College with Victor Hammer; Cincinnati Med. Sch. (grad. sch.; art as applied to medicine)

Exhibited: solos: Transylvania College, 1963, Univ, Kentucky, 1965, Abercrombie-Fitch, NY, 1968, Bass Gals., Louisville, 1968 & Clossons, Cincinnati, OH, 1969

Member: Lexington, KY

Work: commissions: covers, Family Weekly magazine, NY; Brown & Bigelow calendars; Brown-Forman Distillers, Louisville, KY; 32 horse paintings, Keeneland Coll., Keeneland Racing Assn., Lexington, KY; 27 portraits of pres. of Transylvania Col., 1794-, pres. room, Transylvania Col.

Comments: Positions: publ., series ltd number collector prints horses, 1954-69; consult., Spindletop Res., Inc., Lexington, 1965-68. Publications: illlustr., Cincinnati Pictorial Enquirer, Thoroughbred Rec., Nat. Geographic, Holiday, Better Homes & Gardens.

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