Biografie von Edwin RUDA (1922-2014)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter

Studied: Columbia Univ. (M.A., 1949); Sch. Painting & Sculpture, Mexico City, 1949-51; Univ. Ill.( M.F.A., 1956)

Exhibited: Smithsonian Traveling Exhib., Latin Am., 1966; Systemic Painting, Guggenheim Mus., 1966; WMAA Painting Ann., 1969, 1973; Two Generations of Color Painting, Inst. Contemp. Art, Phila., 1970; Gal. A, Sydney, Australia, 1971.

Work: State of NY Coll., Albany Mall; Indianapolis Mus. Art, Ind.; Dallas Mus. Fine Art, Tex.; Allentown Art Mus., Pa.

Comments: Preferred media: mixed media. Positions: co-founder, Park Pl. Gal. Art Res. Publications: auth., "Park Place 1963-67: some informal notes in retrospect," Art Mag,1967; auth., "Jack Krueger: frontiers of zero," Artforum, April, 1968. Teaching: instr. painting, Univ. Tex., Austin, 1956-59; instr. painting, Sch. Visual Arts, New York, 1967-71.

Sources: WW73; David Bourdon, E=MC2 a go go" (Jan., 1966) & Carter Ratcliff, "Striped for action" (Feb., 1972), Artnews; Dore Ashton, "New York Commentary," Studio Int. (Feb., 1970)."

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