Biografie von Julius E. DEWEY (1831-?)

Birth place: New York

Addresses: Kentucky; Indiana; Cincinnati, OH

Profession: artist, " photographer, ambrotypist"

Comments: Apparently moved to Kentucky sometime before 1850 (his first child was born in that state c. 1851). His wife Virginia was also a native of Kentucky. They were in Indiana c. 1855 when their second child was born; and by 1857 they had settled in Cincinnati (Ohio), where a third child was born (c. 1858). He was listed as an artist in 1857, but was thereafter listed in the directories as a photographer or ambrotypist; the 1860 census records him as artist.

Sources: G&W; 8 Census (1860), Ohio, XXV, 234; Cincinnati CD 1857-60.

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