Biografie von Fritzie ABADI (1915)

Birth place: Allepo, Syria

Addresses: New York 23, NY

Profession: Painter, graphic artist

Studied: ASL, and with Nahum Tschacbasov.

Exhibited: NAWA, 1947-55 (prizes, 1949, 1950); Univ. Illinois, 1952, 1955; CI, 1950; LOC, 1950; BM, 1950, 1951, 1953; WMAA, 1954; City Center Gal., 1958; Argent Gal. (solo), and Van Dieman-Lilienfeld Gal., NYC, 1947-49 (solo).

Member: AEA; Brooklyn Soc. Artists; NAWA; ASL.

Work: Butler Inst. Am. Art.

Comments: Also appears as Fritzie (Mrs. Al) Hidary.

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