Biografie von Lee LAWRIE (1877-1963)

Birth place: Rixford, Germany

Death place: Easton, MD

Addresses: NYC; Easton, MD

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: worked for sculptor Richard Henry Park, Chicago, early 1890s, and for St. Gaudens, in NYC, 1894

Exhibited: Worlds Columbian Expo., 1893; Century of Progress Expo., 1933; WFNY, 1939; PAFA Ann., 1921, 1939. Awards: medals, AIA, 1921, 1927; AIC, 1921 (gold), 1927 (gold); Arch. Lg., 1931, 1954; Am. Numismatic Soc., 1937; NSS, 1951, 1954.

Member: NA, 1932; Nat. Comm. FA, 1933-37; Am. Numismatic Soc.; Hon. F., NSS; AAD; NIAL; Am. Acad. A. & Let.; Arch. Lg. (hon.); BAID (hon.); AIA (hon.); NAC (life); Century Assn.; Royal Soc. A., London.

Work: "Atlas," Rockefeller Center, N.Y.; RCA Bldg., N.Y.; Nebraska State Capitol; Harkness Mem. Tower, Yale Univ.; Nat. Acad. Sc., Wash., D.C.; MMA; Los A. Pub. Lib.; Bok Carillon Tower, Fla.; Goodhue Mem., N.Y.; Cornell Univ.; City Hall, St. Paul, Minn.; Peace Mem., Gettysburg, Pa.; La. State Capitol; Edu. Bldg., bridge, Harrisburg, Pa.; statue, Wash., DC Cathedral; mem., Octagon House Garden, Wash., DC; portrait, U.S. Capitol; reliefs, groups, St. James U.S. War Mem. Chapel, France; mem. and reredos, St. Thomas's Church, NY; St. Vincent Ferrer Church, NY.

Comments: Best known for his Art Deco architectural sculpture, Lawrie's carved stone relief and ornamental work decorated many of the major Art Deco buildings of the 1920s and 1930s. Position: teacher, Harvard, 1910-12; Yale, 1908-18; consultant on Sculpture for Century of Progress Expo., 1933; consultant to Bd. of Des., WFNY, 1939.

Sources: WW59; WW47; Baigell, Dictionary;Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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