Biografie von Antonio PETRUCCELLI (1907-1994)

Birth place: Fort Lee, NJ.

Addresses: MT Tabor, NJ

Profession: Designer, illustrator

Studied: M.M. White.

Exhibited: Corona Mundi, NY, 1925 (prize)-26 (prize); A. All. of Am. for Intl. Press Exh., Cologne, 1927 (prize); Am. Soc. for Control of Cancer, 1928 (prize); Stehli Silk Corp., 1928 (prize); Johnson and Faulkner, NY, 1933 (prize); House Beautiful Cover Comp., 1928 (prize), 1929 (prize), 1931 (prize), 1933 (prize).

Work: mural dec., Hotel Winslow, NY

Comments: Designer: covers, New Yorker, Collier's, Today, Fortune, 1932-37.

Sources: WW40; add'l info. courtesy Robert Reed, Short Hills, NJ.

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