Biografie von Genevieve Dillaye ANDERSON (1900-?)

Birth place: Avon, NY

Addresses: Hartford, CT

Profession: Painter, craftsperson, educator

Studied: Skidmore Col., B.S.; Columbia Univ., M.A.; Hillyer Col. Further grad. work at Columbia Univ., Univ. of Guadalajara, Mexico. Univ. of Hawaii, Alfred Univ., N.Y.

Exhibited: NAWA, 1943-1950; Hartford Soc. of Women Painters; Conn. WC Soc. (prize, 1944); Meriden A. & Craft Cl.; New Haven PCC.

Member: NAWA; Hartford Soc. of Women Painters; Conn. WC Soc.; Eastern AA; Conn. AA; Conn. Crafts Assn.

Comments: Position: supv. a., public schools, Hartford, Conn., 1945-; chm. t. training, Hartford A. Sch. of the Univ. of Hartford and chm., Scholastic Awards for State of Connecticut.

Sources: WW59; WW47.

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