Biografie von Frederick KEPPEL (1844-c.1912)

Birth place: Tullow, Ireland

Death place: NYC

Addresses: NYC (immigrated c.1866)

Profession: Print dealer and publisher

Comments: One of the most important print dealers in late 19th century America, he was a catalyst in the success of the Etching Revival. He began as a bookseller, but was soon dealing in prints. On his family vacation to Barbizon each year, he came to know many of the leading French artists. Keppel was color blind, and preferred the black & white etchings over paintings. He made two buying trips annually, to London and Paris, and bought etchings and engravings by the Old Masters as well as the 19th century masters such as Corot, Millet, Jacques, Legros, Jongkind, Buhot, Haden, and Meryon (He was of great support to the troubled Charles Meryon). His reputation grew as one of the leading printdealers, and he was a primary dealer in Whistler"s prints, many of which he published (He also had a well-publicized quarrel with Whistler). In 1888, he published a catalogue of Peter Moran"s etchings and throughout his career published catalogues of prints by the American Painter-Etchers. He was the author of The Golden Age of Engraving (Baker Taylor, 1910) and Christmas in Art (Duffield, NYC, 1909), and wrote a number of articles, including "The Modern Disciples of Rembrandt," The Art Review (Sept.-Nov., 1887, p.1-5). After his death, the business was taken over by his son, David Keppel (see entry).

Sources: American Painter-Etcher Movement, 57; add'l info. courtesy John Keppel, his grandson

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