Biografie von Anna WALINSKA (1906-1997)

Birth place: London, England

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: Andre L'Hote and at Grande Chaumière, Paris; NAD; ASL.

Exhibited: S. Indp. A., 1931; Salons of Am., 1932; PAFA Ann., 1935, 1960; CMA; MMA; MoMA 1956; BMA, 1959; other exhs., in England, France, Japan, Israel, Burma and U.S.A.; Jewish Mus., 1957 (retrospective, solo); Gres Gal., Wash., DC, 1958; Monede Gal., 1961. Awards: prizes, NAWA, 1957; Silvermine Gld. Artists, 1957; Am. Soc. Contemp. Art, 1960 (2).

Member: NAWA; Am. Soc. Contemp. Art; Painters in Casein.

Work: Newark Mus.; Riverside Mus., NY; Jewish Mus., NY; Tel-Aviv Mus.; mus. of Safad and the Sholom Asch Mus., Bat-Yam, Israel

Comments: Teaching: Master Inst. United Arts, NYC, 1957-. Illustrator: The Merry Communist"; "The Gate Breakers", 1963. Marlor lists birth date as 1908-11.

Sources: WW66; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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