Biografie von Ruth GIKOW (1913/15-1983)

Birth place: Ukraine

Death place: NYC?

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, illustrator, screenprinter, teacher, cartoonist

Studied: Cooper Union Art School; also with John Stuart Curry & Raphael Soyer.

Exhibited: Weyhe Gal., 1946 (solo); Nat. Serigraph Gal., 1947 (solo); Rockefeller Center; GGE, 1939; CI; Corcoran Gal. Biennial, 1947; PAFA, 1948, 1951-53, 1962-66; WMAA; traveling shows to Japan, Germany & England; Forum Gallery, NYC, 1970s. Awards: NIAL (grant)

Member: United Am. Artists; Woodstock AA

Work: Springfield (MO) Mus.; WMAA; Smithsonian Inst.; prints, MMA; prints, MoMA; Woodstock AA. Commissions: mural for Bronx Hospital, NY, commissioned by WPA, 1939; Rockefeller Center.

Comments: Immigrated to U.S. c.1920. Preferred medium: oils. Illustrator: Crime and Punishment, 1946. Teaching: Am. Artists School, Inc.; New School Social Res., 1965-69. Art interests: drawing & printmaking.

Sources: WW73; Mathew Josephson, Ruth Gikow (Random, 1970); WW47; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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