Biografie von Cornelius COOPER (XIX)

Addresses: NYC, 1813-19

Profession: Portrait painter

Exhibited: American Academy (1817: portrait)

Comments: A portrait by C. Cooper" of a Catskill (N.Y.) innkeeper, painted c, 1815, is also thought to have been the work of this artist. Note: there was a "C.V. Cooper" listed in the NYC directories for 1838-39 who exhibited portraits at the Apollo Association and the NAD in 1839--it is possible this artist was either the present Cornelius V. Cooper or the George V. Cooper who was active from the mid 1830's on (see entry).

Sources: G&W; NYCD 1813-19; Panorama, II (March 1947), 79, repro.; Cowdrey, AA & AAU (as C. Cooper)."

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