Biografie von Felrath HINES (1913-1993)

Birth place: Indianapolis, IN

Profession: Painter

Studied: Pratt Inst., 1962; New York Univ., 1953-55; AIC, 1944

Exhibited: John Heller Gallery, NY, 1955; Herron AI, 1959; Riverside Mus., 1959; Provincetown, MA, Ann.; Parma Galleries, NY, 1960, 1962; Nordness Galleries, NY, 1969; Hudson River Mus., Yonkers; Minneapolis Inst. of Arts, 1968; Memorial Gallery, Rochester, NY, 1969; SFMA, 1969; High Mus. of Art, Atlanta, 1969; RISD, 1969; Flint, MI, Inst. of Arts, 1970; Everson Mus., 1970; IBM Gallery of Arts & Sciences, 1970; Contemorary Arts Mus., Houston, 1970; New Jersey State Mus., 1970; Roberson Center, 1970; UC Santa Barbara.

Work: Chase Manhattan Bank, NY; priv. colls.

Sources: Cederholm, Afro-American Artists.

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