Biografie von Raphael SOYER (1899-1987)

Birth place: Borisogliebsk, Russia

Death place: NYC

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, lithographer, teacher

Studied: Cooper Union Art School, 1914-17; NAD, 1918-22; ASL, 1920-21, 1923, 1926, with G. P. du Bois.

Exhibited: S. Indp. A., 1922, 1925, 1940-41; Salons of America, NYC, 1924-25, 1930; WMAA, 1927-73; Daniel Gal., NYC, 1929 (first solo); L'Elan Gal., NYC, 1932; CPLH; AIC annuals, 1932 (prize), 1940 (prize), 1941 (prize); Curt Valentine Gal., NYC, 1933-35, 1937-38; PAFA Ann., 1933,1934 (gold), 1938-66 (gold 1943, prize 1946); Macbeth Gal., NYC, 1935; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1935-63 (12 times, incl. bronze med, 1943); VMFA, 1938; Frank Rehn Gal., NYC, 1939; Assoc. Am. Artists, NYC, 1940-41, 1948, 1953, 1958; BM, 1941; Weyhe Gal., NYC, 1944; CI, 1944; PMG, 1944; Dallas Mus. FA, 1945; MoMA, 1946; Phila. Art Alliance, 1949 (solo); NAD, 1951, 1952, 1980; Krasner Gal., NYC, 1957; ACA Gal., NYC, 1960; Alfredo Valente Gal., NYC, 1961; Bernard Crystal Gal., NYC, 1962; Forum Gal., NYC, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1972, 1977; Am. Foundation Arts, 1967; Georgia Mus. Art, 1968; Forum Gal, NYC, 1970s; Margo Feiden Gal., NYC, 1972; New Jersey State Mus., 1979; Gal. Albert Loeb, Paris, France, 1980; Akademie Der Kunst, Berlin, 1980.

Member: NAD; Am. Acad. Arts & Letters; Am. Soc. PS&G; Am. Artists Congress; An Am. Group; NIAL; AE

Work: MMA; WMAA; MoMA; Addison Mus. Art, Andover, MA; PMA; PMG; BMA; NYPL; AGAA; Columbus Gal. FA; CGA; Buffalo AA; BM; WPA mural (with his brother Raphael), U.S.P.O., Kingsessing Station, Phila., PA

Comments: American Scene artist. Twin of Moses (see entry) and brother of Isaac (see entry), he came to NYC in 1912 and became most noted for his empathetic portrayal of urban life and Depression subjects. He also made portraits of artist-friends, dancers, and bohemians. During the 1930s, Soyer made many lithographs of Depression scenes. Teaching: ASL; Am. Art School; New School Social Res. Publications: author/illustrator, A Painter's Pilgrimage (1962); Homage to Thomas Eakins (1966); Self Revealment: A Memoir 1969; Diary of an Artist (1977). Editor, Reality, 1953-55.

Sources: WW73; Baigell, Dictionary; Lloyd Goodrich Raphael Soyer (Praeger, 1967); Sylvan Cole 50 Years of Printmaking (Da Capo, 1967); Joseph K. Foster Watercolors & Drawings (Crown, 1969); autobiographical article, Art & Antiques (Jan., 1988, p.69); American Scene Painting and Sculpture, 63 (w/repros.); Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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