Biografie von Lionel S. REISS (1894-1988)

Birth place: Austria

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, lithographer, illustrator, etcher, designer

Studied: self-taught; ASL

Exhibited: AIC; BM; CM; Los Angeles Mus. Art; WMAA; PAFA; AWS; NAD; S. Indp. A.; Midtown Gal., 1939 (solo); MoMA, 1940 (prize); CI, 1941; Am. Artists Group (prize); Assn. Am. Artists, 1943 (prize), 1946 (solo); Assoc. Am. Artists Gal., 1946 (solo). Award:Artists as Reporter" Comp."

Member: AWS; Audubon Artists; Art Lg. Am.

Work: BM; Jewish Mus., NY; Jewish Theological Seminary, NY; Sinai Center, Chicago; Tel-Aviv Mus., Israel; Bezalel Mus.; Columbia Univ.

Comments: Auth.: My Models Were Jews," 1938; "New Lights and Old Shadows," 1954. Illustr.: "A Golden Treasury of Jewish Literature".

Sources: WW59; WW47."

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