Biografie von Ernest ALBERT (1857-1946)

Birth place: Brooklyn, NY

Death place: New Canaan, CT

Addresses: Brooklyn, NY, till 1885; Chicago, IL, 1885-90; NYC; New Rochelle, NY and New Canaan, CT, after 1911

Profession: Landscape and still-life painter, scenic painter, theatre designer

Studied: Old Montague Art Sch., 1872, with J.B. Whittaker; Brooklyn Art Sch., 1872 (won Graham Art Medal)

Exhibited: Brooklyn AA, 1876-78 (as Ernest A. Brown); AIC; St. Louis Sketch Club., frequently; SC, 1884 and after; NAD, 1911-45; Allied AA, 1914 and after; Pan.-Pac. Expo., San Fran., 1915; Silvermine GA; New Canaan Soc. Artists; Highland Park Art Mus., Dallas, TX, 1924; Babcock Gal., NYC, 1927 (solo); Grand Rapids (MI) Mus. (with Abbott Graves), 1928; Grand Central Art Gal., 1928; S.Indp.A.; Rockefeller Center, NYC, 1941 (solo); Vose Gal., Boston, 1981 (first solo show since his death), 1986.

Member: ANA (1922); NAC (life mem.); All. AA (founder, 1914); SC; AWCS; Grand Central Gal.; New Rochelle AA; CAFA; Old Lyme AA; New Haven PCC; Silvermine GA; New Canaan Soc. Artists; American Soc. of Scenic Painters (founder and third vice pres.); Chicago Soc. Artists.

Work: Colby College

Comments: He changed his name from Ernest Albert Brown to Ernest Albert in 1879 for professional reasons. He began a successful and prolific career as scenic painter and designer in 1877, working with Harley Merry at the Brooklyn Theatre. Over the next forty years his designs were commissioned by theatres in NYC, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal and London. Although stage design was his primary profession in these years, he still found time to paint and exhibit his landscapes and still-lifes with prestigious artists' associations and clubs across the country. He and son (E. Maxwell Albert) painted summers at Old Lyme beginning in 1908. In 1909, he began to extract himself from the theatre world and pursue his noncommercial painting full-time, achieving recognition and praise for his impressionistic, poetic winter landcapes. Albert was active in many artist organizations throughout his career.

Sources: WW40; Ernest Albert, A.N.A., 1857-1946, exhib. brochure, Vose Galleries, Boston (Dec. 2, 1986 to Jan., 1987); Art in Conn.: The Impressionist Years; Brooklyn Art Ass'n

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