Elisabeth VIGÉE-LEBRUN (1755-1842)

Marie Louise Elisabeth VIGEE LE BRUN
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Approaching her 40th birthday, Claire Tabouret is already the most popular living French artist on the art market. A phenomenal success that extends far beyond her native country. Claire Tabouret’s work has been described as expressing “sensitive power” and her paintings are said to convey memory, sensation and vulnerability. Her recent paintings have strong colours […]

Robert Ryman… the possibilities of white A square canvas … with white paint: in fact, Robert RYMAN’s radical minimalism is far more subtle than that… but it nevertheless became his trademark. The American artist, who died on 8 February at the age of 88, leaves behind an essential work whose humility is only matched by […]

The last Da Vinci The last known work by LEONARDO DA VINCI still in private hands is due to come under the hammer at Christie’s. The Saviour of the World (Salvatore Mundi), the masculine equivalent of the Mona Lisa, is, to quote Christie’s former art specialist Alan Wintermute, the “Holy Grail of Old Master Art.” […]

Various exhibitions are currently paying homage to Girodet and his master, Jacques-Louis David, the leading light in the French neo-classical art movement. These exhibitions are expected to drive up prices for neo-classical artworks, which are already rising due to the huge shortage of supply.

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Für Elisabeth VIGÉE-LEBRUN (1755-1842) , das älteste registrierte Auktionsergebnis ist ein(e) zeichnung aquarell verkauft im Jahr 1985 bei Sotheby's; das neueste ist ein(e) gemälde, verkauft im Jahr 2022. Die Analysen und Grafiken erstellten von Artprice.com basieren auf 193 Versteigerungen. Insbesondere: gemälde, zeichnung aquarell, miniatur, druckgrafik-multiple. Ein Werk des Künstlers/der Künstlerin Elisabeth VIGÉE-LEBRUN (1755-1842) wird bald auf einer Auktion versteigert.
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