Martin RAMIREZ (1895-1963)


It’s almost a textbook case: when a movement, disconnected from any existing networks, begins to gain visibility – often via self-funded exhibitions – and brings together a small community of artists, connoisseurs and collectors, it already has a reasonable chance of sticking. Then galleries get involved… public recognition starts to pick up… the artists’ works […]

It might seem paradoxical, but Art Brut (or Outsider Art) is increasingly moving in from the art world’s margins to become an emerging segment of the art market in its own right.

The Art Brut collection in Lausanne was the first of its kind and is today the largest collection of “Outsider Art” in the world, making Lausanne the de facto capital of Outsider Art.

The marginal Art Brut movement has been forcing its way into the heart of the art market in recent years. The museums have already got their hands on the best pieces, and now works on offer at auction are starting to be snapped up. Judging from the spectacular price rallies, the finest pieces could well reach USD 1 million one day and effectively rival the best of mainstream art.

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Der Künstler Martin RAMIREZ (1895-1963) (Mexiko) wurde im Jahr 1895 geboren Das älteste auf der Webseite registrierte Auktionsergebnis ist ein(e) zeichnung aquarell verkauft im Jahr 1997 bei Sotheby's; das neueste ist ein(e) zeichnung aquarell, verkauft im Jahr 2022. Die für diesen Künstler von Artprice erstellten Kennzahlen und Markttrends basieren auf 28 Versteigerungen. Insbesondere: zeichnung aquarell, gemälde. 2 Werke des Künstlers/der Künstlerin Martin RAMIREZ (1895-1963) werden demnächst auf Auktionen zu finden sein.
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