Biografie von Feliciano BÉJAR (1920-2007)

Birth place: Jiquilpan, Mexico

Addresses: Mexico

Profession: Sculptor, painter

Exhibited: Magiscopes, Bertha Schaefer Gallery, NYC, 1966 (solo), 1968 (solo), 1971 (solo); The World of Feliciano Bejar, City Mus., Sheffield, Eng., 1966 (solo), Magiscope 1966-1970, Mus. Arte Mod., Mexico City, 1970 (solo), Magiscopes, 1964-1970, Grosvenor Gallery, London, Eng., 1970 (solo); Retrospective Exhib., Galerie Valentin, Zurich, Switz., 1972 (solo); Martin Foley, Mexico, 1970s

Member: Salon Plastica Mexicana, Mexico City; World Crafts Coun., New York.

Work: Mus Arte Mod., Mexico City, Mex.; Birmingham City Mus., Eng.; Herron Mus., Indianapolis, Ind.; Lowe Mus., Univ. Miami, Coral Gables, Fla.; Mus. Fine Art, Montreal, PQ. Commissions: Series of 8 paintings, Roussel Labs., Mexico City, 1967; series of 300 Magiscope sculptures in plastic, J. Walter Thompson Co., NYC, 1971; series of 12 Magiscope sculptures in crystal, Carborundum Co., Niagara Falls, NY, 1972; series of 12 prints, Spode Porcelain Co., Stoke-on-Trent, Eng., 1972; Magiscope, sculpture, Banco Nacional de Mexico, Palacio De Iturbide, Mexico City, 1972.

Comments: Preferred media: crystal, plastic. Art interests: inventor of special form of optical sculpture using lenses and prisms and other reflective and refractive forms in plastic and crystal, given generic name of Magiscopes.

Sources: WW73; Nelken, Fernandez, Xirau, De La Maza, Feliciano Bejar 1947-1962 (Nat Inst Fine Arts, Mexico City, 1962); Ian Hugo (film dir), Through the Magiscope," 1968; Edward Lucie-Smith , Feliciano Bejar (Turret Bks, London, 1972)."

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