Biografie von Maurice BRAUN (1877-1941)

Birth place: Nagy Bittse, Hungary

Death place: Point Loma, CA

Addresses: NYC, 1881; Point Loma, CA, 1910

Profession: Portrait, figure and landscape painter, lecturer, teacher

Studied: With E.M. Ward, Maynard, Francis C. Jones: NAD; William M. Chase; Europe

Exhibited: NAD, 1900 (prize), 1911-15; Carnegie Inst., 1911-15; PAFA, 1914, 1917-19; Panama-Calif. Intl. Expo, San Diego, 1916, (gold); LACMA, 1918 (solo),1920 (solo); Corcoran Gal., 1921; Calif. Ann., San Diego, 1934; GGE, 1939; AIC

Member: SC; San Diego Art Guild (cofounder); Contemp. Artists in San Diego (cofounder); San Diego Theosophical Soc.; SC; Laguna Beach AA; Calif. AC; San Diego FAA; Acad. Western Painters

Work: LACMA; Houston Art Mus.; Municipal Collection, Phoenix; San Diego FA Gal.; AA, Wichita Kans.; AA, Bloomington, IL; Los Angeles Women's Athletic Club; Theosophy Center, Pasadena; Los Angeles Commercial Club; Laguna Beach Mus. Art; Riverside and San Bernardino, CA; San Antonio AA

Comments: He initially painted portraits but then specialized in Impressionist landscapes, becoming an important member of the Southern Calif. landscape school. Position: teacher, H.S. Adult Education, San Diego; founder, director, San Diego Academy of Art, 1912. By 1919 he was devoting himself fully to his painting, sketching outdoors and completing the work in his studio. Beginning in 1921 he spent parts of the next years painting in Connecticut, living temporarily in the artists' colonies of Silvermine and Old Lyme.

Sources: WW40; Hughes, Artists in California, 68; P&H Samuels, 63; 300 Years of American Art, 734.

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