Biografie von William MAGRATH (1838-1918)

Birth place: Cork, Ireland

Death place: Brighton, NY

Addresses: New Brighton, NY

Profession: Genre and landscape painter

Exhibited: NAD (1868-1913); PAFA Ann., 1894; AIC, 1895; Brooklyn AA, 1865-85; Centenniel Expo., Phila., 1876; Boston AC, 1894, 1900

Member: ANA, 1873; NA, 1876; AWCS.

Work: Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Md.; MMA; NAD

Comments: He was best known for his scenes of Irish life, and exhibited works indicate he also painted in France and England, and in the Adirondack Mountains. He came to America in 1855 and established a studio in NYC by 1868. In 1879 Magrath went to live in England but returned to the United States in 1883 and settled in Wash., DC. By 1889 he had returned to NYC and by 1909 he was living at New Brighton, NY.

Sources: G&W; WW17; [Note: G&W states that Magrath was pronounced Ma-graw'.] CAB; Who's Who in America, 1899-1900; Clement and Hutton; Champlin and Perkins; NYCD 1868+; Smith. Also, Naylor, NAD; McMahan, Artists of Washington, D.C; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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