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Biografie von Anton SCHÜTZ (1894-1977)

Birth place: Berndorf, Germany

Death place: White Plains, NY

Addresses: Scarsdale, NY

Profession: Etcher, writer

Studied: Univ. Munich, 1912-19 (interrupted by WWI); Munich Acad. FA, 1919-23, with Groeber, P. von Halm; ASL, 1924-25, with Joseph Pennell.

Exhibited: Harbor Gal., NYC, 1985 (etchings of NYC), 1987 (etchings of home and abroad); in the US & abroad.

Member: SAGA; Chicago SE; Queens-Nassau Fair, Mineaola, 1932 (prize).

Work: LOC; British Mus., London; Bibliothèque Nat., Paris, France; Uffizi, Florence, Italy; BM; NYPL; AIC; CMA; St. Louis Pub. Lib.

Comments: A highly-decorated Lieutenant in the German Army during WWI, he resumed his studies in engineering and architecture after the war. By 1922, he was an established etcher of the German landscape; and in 1924 emigrated to the U.S. where he became best known for his architectural etchings of NYC. In 1925 he founded the New York Graphic Soc., and was its president until 1966 when the company was acquired by Time, Inc. He was also pres., Inter-Am Graphics, Ltd.; and publisher & co-editor, UNESCO World Art Series, 1954-60. Publications: auth., New York in Etchings (Bard Bros., NYC, 1939). His company, NYGS, was a major producer of reproduction prints, and his catalogues included Fine Art Reproduction of Old and Modern Masters (1941, 1961, 1965); Handbook of Fine Art Color Reproductions (1945); Blue Book Color Reproductions (1951); Reproductions of American Paintings (1961); and others.

Sources: WW73; WW47.

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