Biografie von Prentiss Hottel TAYLOR (1907-1991)

Birth place: Washington, DC

Death place: Washington, DC?

Addresses: Arlington, VA

Profession: Lithographer, instructor

Studied: ASL with Charles W Hawthorne, Charles Locke, Eugene Fitsch, Anne Goldthwaite.

Exhibited: Greater Wash. Indp. Exh., 1935 (prize); VMFA, 1943 (purchase awards in watercolors, Va Artists); Irene Leach Mem., 1945, 1946; AIC, 1933 (Chicago Int Watercolors & Prints), and later; PAFA; Phila. Pr. Cl.; Phila. A. All.; A. Gld., Wash., D.C., 1942, 1944, 1946; Nat Print Exhib, LOC, Wash., DC, 1943-on (purchase awards in several annual exhibs); WMAA, 1936-47; "Painting in the US, 1949," CI; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1949, 1951; Am Drawing Biennials, Norfold Mus, Va, 1960s; NAD, 1954 (Cannon prize in graphic arts); Franz Bader Gal, Wash, DC., 1970s.

Member: A.N.A. (graphics class); Soc Am Graphic Artists; Philadelphia Watercolor Club; Artists Equity Assn (bd mem, 1971); A. Gld., Wash., D.C.; Wash. SE; Wash. WCC; Wash. Ldscp Cl; Soc Washington Printmakers (press, 1943-).

Work: BMFA; AGAA; MOMA; LOC; Phillips Collection, Washington, DC; Smithsonian Inst, Washington, DC; NYPL; MMA; WMAA; PMA; BMA; PMG; LOC; VMFA; Norfolk Mus. A. & Sc.; Gibbes Mem. A. Gal.; SAM. Commissions: Mural in tempera for bath, commissioned by Mr & Mrs RF Flint, New Haven, Conn, 1940; mural in oil, Christian Sci HQ, Washington, DC, 1949.

Comments: Preferred Media: watercolors, graphics. Positions: Pres, Artists Guild Washington; pres, Washington Watercolor Club; art therapist, St Elizabeth Hosp, Washington, DC, 1943-1954; art therapist, Chestnut Lodge, Rockville, Md, 1958-70s. Illustrator: Negro Mother, 1931; Scottsboro Limited, 1932; Why Birds Sing, 1933; American Herb Calendar, 1937. Teaching: Am Univ, Wash., DC, 1955-70s. Research: Art as psychotherapy; How art may reintegrate the disordered mind; Talent/status vs expectancy achievement.

Sources: WW73; L. Ward, Printmakers of Tomorrow," Parnassus (Mar, 1939); H.H. Salpeter, "Prentiss Taylor" Coronet (Apr, 1939)."

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