Biografie von Charles Morris YOUNG (1869-1964)

Birth place: Gettysburg, PA

Addresses: Phila., PA, 1890s; Radnor, PA, 1947; Drifton, PA, 1959

Profession: Painter, etcher

Studied: PAFA, with Chase, Anshutz, and Vonnoh; Acad. Colarossi, Paris, France, 1897

Exhibited: PAFA, frequently, 1891-1944 (50 times; incl. prize, 1925); NAD, 1892, 1897; AIC, 1896-1923; SNBA, 1898; Boston AC, 1902, 1907; St. Louis Expo., 1904 (prize); Pan-A. Expo, Buffalo. 1901; Phila. A. Cl., 1908; CI, 1910 (prize); Buenos Aires Expo., 1910; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1907-41 (14 times); Pan-Pacific Expo., San Francisco, 1915; PAFA, 1921, 1925; Amsterdam, Holland, 1929 (gold).

Member: ANA; Phila. A. Cl.

Work: PAFA; CGA; Nat. Gal., Budapest; Albright A. Gal.; Rochester Mem. A. Gal.; Nat. Gal., Santiago, Chile; Reading Mus. A.; PMA; PAFA; Allentown A. Gal.; Boston A. Cl.; St. Louis A. Cl.; Sandhurst Military Acad., England, and in priv. colls.

Comments: Pennsylvania Impressionist, known for his snowy landscapes. While studying in France, he spent time at Giverny in 1903. Signature note: Early works are signed "C.M. Young" in upper/lower case with the tail of the "Y" re-curving under the "C.M." Later signatures are variants of this earlier form, with "Chas." and "Morris" often employed, so that the most common form is "Chas. Morris Young."

Sources: WW59; WW47; Danly, Light, Air, and Color, 90

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