Biografie von David BURLIUK (1882-1967)

Birth place: Kharkov, Russia

Death place: Northampton, NY

Addresses: Hampton Bays, L.I., NY

Profession: Painter, lecturer, writer, educator

Studied: A. Schs. in Kazan, Odessa, Munich, Paris & Moscow.

Exhibited: Societe Anonyme, 1924; WMAA, 1926-46; J.B. Neumann Gal., 1927; Morton Gal., 1928; Dorothy Paris Gal., 1933-35; Cal. PLH, 1931; Philip Boyer Gal., 1935-39; PC, 1937; Corcoran Gal, 1939-47; ACA Gal., 1941-61; PAFA, 1943-46, 1949-50, 1958, 1966; Havana, Cuba, 1955; E. Raboff A. Gal., Los Angeles; S.Indp.A.; AIC

Member: NIAL

Work: MMA; WMAA; BM; BMFA; PC; Yale Univ.; PMA

Comments: Russian modernist painter who came to the U.S. in 1922, via Siberia, Japan and the South Seas. Founder-Member: Der Blaue Reiter" and "Sturm" together with Kandinsky, F. Mark, 1910-14; with Mayakovsky and Kamiensky "Cubo-Futurism," 1911. Co-publisher (with Mary Burliuk), of the art magazine Color and Rhyme, 1930s. Author: special research on "Van Gogh in Arles," 1949-50. Pres., Burliuk Art Gal., Hampton Bays, NY (summers). Marlor gives place of death as Southampton, L.I., NY.

Sources: WW66; 300 Years of American Art, 785; Falk, Exhibition Record Series

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