Biografie von Riva HELFOND (1910-2002)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: Plainfield, NJ/Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Profession: Lithographer, screenprinter, painter

Studied: School Indus. Art, 1928; ASL with Kuniyoshi, Morris Kantor (painting) & Harry Sternberg (printmaking).

Exhibited: MMA, 1942 (prize); CI, 1942; LOC, 1943-46, 1950 (prize), 1954 (prize), 1955 (prize); Montclair Art Mus., 1944 (prize), 1955 (prize); NAD 1945,1946; PAFA, 1944; SFMA, 1944; BM, 1948 (prize); CM, 1950 (prize), 1952 (prize); Newark Mus., 1952; SAGA, 1954 (prize); NYC WPA Art" at Parsons School Design, 1977. "

Member: Nat. Ser. Soc.; Artists League Am.; AEA; Am. Color Print Soc.; Nat. Assn. Women P&S; New Jersey AA; Audubon Artists.

Work: MMA; MoMA; LACMA; Cornell; Princeton; CI; Cincinnati MA; Springfield MA; LOC; BM.

Comments: A WPA artist, she was also one of the few women pioneering in screenprinting as an artistic medium. Position: teacher of graphics, NYU. Lectures: lithography; serigraphy.

Sources: WW59; WW47; New York City WPA Art, 42 (w/repros.)

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