Biografie von James MCMULLAN (1934)

Birth place: Tsingtao, China

Addresses: China; India; Canada; U.S

Profession: Illustrator, author

Studied: Pratt Inst., grad.

Exhibited: SI (gold & silver medals, 1981)

Member: American Inst. of Graphics Art (dir.); Illus. Guild; SI.

Comments: He was born to an American missonary family, and spent his boyhood overseas. Illus., TV animation, book covers, posters, magazines and advertisement. He was associated with the Push Pin Studios from 1965-68, and later founded his own studio, Visible Studio, Inc. Auth., Revealing Illustrations (Watson-Guptill, 1981).

Sources: W & R Reed, The Illustrator in America, 335.

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