Biografie von Lili RETHI (1894-1969)

Birth place: Vienna, Austria

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Industrial artist, illustrator, lithographer

Studied: Vienna Acad. with Otto Friedrich; Von Larisch.

Exhibited: Berlin; Vienna; Stockholm; Arch. Lg. (solo); MMA, 1942; Am. Soc. Civil Engineers, 1942; 46 pictures of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge construction, NY, at Smithsonian Inst., 1965; NY Worlds Fair, 1965. The Bridge" (40 construction pictures) publ. 1965, Harper & Row. "

Member: Royal Soc. Arts, London, England (fellow)

Work: Sperry Gyroscope Co., Turner Construction Co., Spencer, White & Prentis, Merritt, Chapman & Scott, Lever Bros., Walsh Construction Co., all of NY; S.C. Bliss Co., Canton, OH; Eastern Stainless Steel Corp., Balt., MD; Cities Service Co.; Bd. Water Supply, New York City (painting); Gibbs & Hill's 50 Years of Engineering Accomplishment," 1961 (painting); New York Times and Esquire Magazine (drawings); Surveyor, Nenninger & Chànevert, Montreal, Canada; Moran Towing & Transportation, NY; Am. Soc. Mech. Engineers; New York World's Fair Corp., 1964; construction pictures of the dam at Manicouagan, in the Arctic Circle. "

Comments: Illustr.: U.S. Naval Dry Dock Construction," 1941, 1943; "Builders for Battle," 1946; "Tanker Construction," 1946; "The White House Reconstruction," 1950; illustr. for Encyclopaedia Americana, NY and Chicago; illustr., "Big Bridge to Brooklyn," 1956. Contrib. drawings to New York Times Magazine on construction of U.N. Building; Brooklyn Bridge; The White House, etc. Autobiography over Radio Salzburg in series "Culture & Science," 1955; illustr.: "St. Thomas More"; "Panama Canal," 1958; "Italy," 1958; "Man Against Earth," 1961.

Sources: WW66; WW47."

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