Biografie von John Dwyer MCLAUGHLIN (1898-1976)

Birth place: Sharon, MA

Addresses: Dana Point, CA

Profession: Abstract painter

Studied: self-taught, he began painting after WWII, at age 50

Exhibited: LACMA, "Painting & Sculpture Annual" (1949), "Contemporary Painting in the US" (1951), and "Four Abstract Classicists," (1959-60); "Sphere of Mondrian," Inst Contemp Art, Houston, Tex, 1957; Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1957, 1967 (bronze med.); "Purist Painting," toured by AFA, 1960-61; N. Wilder Gal., Los Angeles, 1970s; Orange Cnty. MA (CA), 1996 (traveled to BMA, 1996). Other awards: William A. Clark Prize, 1966; Nat Found Arts & Humanities grant, 1967.

Work: LACMA; Bowdoin Col. Mus. Art, Brunswick, ME; MMA; NMAA; Univ. Art Mus., UCal-Berkeley.

Comments: A geometric abstract painter whose works reflect not only Malevich and Mondrian, but the 15th century Japanese painter-priest, Sesshu.

Sources: WW73; Jules Langsner, "Summer in Los Angeles," Art News (1953); Gerald Nordland, "Paintings at the Felix Landau Gallery," Arts (1962); John Coplans, "West Coast Art: Three Images," Artforum, 1963; Holland Cotter, article in New York Times (Dec. 15, 1996, p.H43)

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